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Amazon AR Player는 몰입감 있고 공유 가능한 증강 현실 경험을 제공합니다.

Amazon AR Player delivers immersive, sharable augmented reality experiences – now featuring exclusive content from our Amazon Studios Original series, The Wheel of Time. Turn your phone into a ter’angreal that weaves gorgeous AR visions of beasts, treasures, and important locations in the show!

Download the app, scan your surroundings, and step into The Wheel of Time. Watch now on Prime!

최신 버전 2.2의 새로운 기능

Last updated on Feb 14, 2022

Various bug fixes related to the stability of the app
Enhancements to the visual fidelity of the AR items
Visual enhancements to image captures.
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최신 버전

Amazon AR 업데이트 요청 2.2

업데이트 날짜

Feb 9, 2022

업로드한 사람

Hector Felipe

필요한 Android 버전

Android 8.0+

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