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Resistance Band Workout Routine

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You can get a full-body workout at home using nothing but a pair of resistance bands, so long as you know how to use them and what workouts are best. One benefit of using resistance bands is that, unlike dumbbells or barbells, they provide tension throughout the whole exercise. And since resistance bands take up basically no space, they make perfect sense for home workouts, even if you live in a tiny apartment.

With a quick pace, this resistance band workout will get your heart pumping and increase your strength. This combination makes for a fantastic home workout to build muscle and gain functional strength. With these exercises, you'll hit all the major muscle groups using the resistance band to build strength and endurance in your entire body.

A key benefit to training with resistance bands is you can customize your resistance band workout to meet you wherever you may be in your fitness journey. From beginners to elite athletes, resistance bands are an extremely versatile workout tool because you're able to increase the weight in an exercise by simply minimizing slack in the band.

We've put together our favorite resistance band exercises you can try at home or in the gym. Ideal for beginners, men and women.
Resistance band exercises are a great way to improve general fitness. These tension bands add a nice variety to a training regime and exercise the muscles from various angles. Use this Resistance Bands total body workout to build lean muscle and torch fat in just 30 days.

Whether you are a beginner or gym fanatic, let us introduce to your new favourite at-home workout buddy, the resistance band.

Work out your entire body with these beginner, intermediate and advanced exercises. Exercising with a resistance band can help improve your strength and flexibility.
Resistance bands are one of the most functional and effective pieces of equipment for multiple reasons. You can use them for strength training, mobility and rehabilitation exercises. Resistance bands are the perfect exercise equipment for beginners because anyone, at any level, can get started. As you advance, so will the resistance of the bands because you will be developing muscle memory and gaining functional strength.

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