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Color Changing Camera for Android
Humble Kid Creation
This release comes in several variants, See available APKs

Opis Color Changing Camera

This app demonstrates the power of opencv library

● red turns blue
● blue turns green
● green turns yellow and much more

★ App Includes: ★
✓ live camera filters
✓ live effects
✓ mirror effects
✓ unique patterns

● All the basic camera features and image editing functions are integrated with the app.

● opencv image processing methods used

+ canny edge detection
+ contour
+ hull
+ threshold
+ laplace
+ sobel
+ hsv
+ gray
+ poster effect
+ bgr
+ houghLine
+ erosion
+ feature detection
+ segmentation
+ aruco
+ fourier
+ etc

★ Developer Credits ★

● Bhupesh Singh (Humble Kid Creation)

●OpenCv: https://opencv.org/
●OpenCv License :https://opencv.org/license.html

●Icons used from: https://icons8.com

Color Changing Camera Update

# fixed image capture bug

Color Changing Camera Tags

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Kategoria: Darmowe Fotografia Aplikacja

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Przesłane przez: 정하람

Wymaga Androida: Android 4.1+

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