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Color Changing Camera simgesi

Color Changing Camera for Android
Humble Kid Creation
This release comes in several variants, See available APKs

Color Changing Camera Açıklaması

This app demonstrates the power of opencv library

● red turns blue
● blue turns green
● green turns yellow and much more

★ App Includes: ★
✓ live camera filters
✓ live effects
✓ mirror effects
✓ unique patterns

● All the basic camera features and image editing functions are integrated with the app.

● opencv image processing methods used

+ canny edge detection
+ contour
+ hull
+ threshold
+ laplace
+ sobel
+ hsv
+ gray
+ poster effect
+ bgr
+ houghLine
+ erosion
+ feature detection
+ segmentation
+ aruco
+ fourier
+ etc

★ Developer Credits ★

● Bhupesh Singh (Humble Kid Creation)

●OpenCv License :

●Icons used from:

Color Changing Camera Güncelleme

# fixed image capture bug

Color Changing Camera Etiket

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