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This app will be removed from service in August, 2016. To view image files, download the RMS Sharing app:

The Intune Image Viewer app lets you view images available within Microsoft Intune managed apps.

• View images from Microsoft Intune managed apps

IMPORTANT: This software requires your company’s work account and connectivity to your company’s valid subscription to Microsoft Intune. Some functionality may not be available in all countries. If you have issues with this software or have questions about the use of it (including questions about your company’s privacy policy), please contact your company’s IT Administrator. Do not contact Microsoft, the application store owner, your network operator, or device manufacturer for support.

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Minta Intune Image Viewer Kemas kini 1.0.2824.1

Dikemas kini pada

Jan 8, 2015

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อัญชลี สำอางค์

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Android 4.0+

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