Wild Dino Hunting: Zoo Hunter 아이콘

1.1.39 by Game Finale

Nov 26, 2023

Wild Dino Hunting: Zoo Hunter 정보


Welcome Hunter! Hunt all Wild Safari Animals and Survive in Jungle from beast.

Step into the world of adventure with Wild Dino Hunting Zoo Hunter. The best dinosaur shooting gun game ever!

Get ready for a jungle dinosaur hunting game. Pick your sniper gun and go wild animal hunting, to face the real dinosaurs. This is not your typical deer hunting game. It's a thrilling sniper rifle hunting game. In this game, you have to hunt wild dinosaurs, trex, and speedy deer. Become a top dino hunter in a world of the sniper shooting games.

In this sniper shooting game, you'll hunt real dinos, tigers, deer, and wolves. Equip yourself with the coolest rifle hunting game gear of the year. You can test your animal shooting skills. In this wild hunting game. The safari jungle in the game is filled with deadly wild animals. You have to stay sharp if you want to succeed in this wild dinosaur hunting game.

Range over huge forest filled with wild dinos in the shooting game fun. Walk through the thick wild animal jungle and meet real 3D dinosaurs. Don't worry, we have the most powerful hunting game weapons ready for the action. Each of the levels is full of exciting moments. Raise the gun to aim directly at the target in this jungle dinosaur hunting game. Aim and shoot with your sniper at the important organs for the extra damage.

Wild dino hunting zoo hunter is not just about shooting dinosaurs. It's all about becoming the expert in the safari jungle hunter. Mark your targets and take down the mightiest beasts. It gets really exciting, as you go past the tiger hunting game and deer hunting game part.

Fun Features:

Amazing jungle dinosaur shooting games adventure.

Super cool 3D graphics for a realistic safari jungle experience.

Lots of hunting challenges, including deer hunting and tiger hunting levels.

Super powerful sniper rifle hunting gear to help you win.

Exciting jungle shooting action that keeps you entertained.

Are you a big fan of the fun dinosaur shooting games? Wild Dino Hunting Zoo Hunter gun games are just the right game for you. Get ready for a real dino hunting encounter in this game. This game takes wild animal hunting to a whole new level. Download it now and see if you can become the best safari jungle hunter ever!

최신 버전 1.1.39의 새로운 기능

Last updated on Nov 26, 2023

- Minor Bugs Fixed
- Enhanced Game Play

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Wild Dino Hunting: Zoo Hunter 업데이트 요청 1.1.39

업로드한 사람

Ramon Garcia Guierrez

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Android 6.0+

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