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Truecaller identifies unknown callers, record & blocks spam calls swiftly.

Stay protected from robocallers and scammers with Truecaller. Our famous Caller ID tells you who is calling you and why, so you can decide whether to pick up the call or not. Use the Powerful Dialer for reverse number lookup and to call friends and family in your contacts. Truecaller will also identify and warn you about robocallers, scammers, fraudsters, telemarketers and other unwanted or unknown phone numbers. The Advanced Spam Detector will automatically block and protect you from unwanted calls and SMS.

Truecaller Assistant: The smartest call screening and voice-based virtual assistant available:

- Save time and add a new level of spam detection with the AI-powered Assistant that answers your calls.

- Assistant uses machine learning and speech to text technology to ask questions to the caller, helping you find out who they are and the reason for the call.

- The Assistant is able to tell with more than 90% accuracy if the call is spam, scam, robocaller or not, helping you decide whether to answer or reject the call.

World Class Spam Call Blocker & Spam Detector:

- Block spam + scam calls and SMS - The Caller ID Identifies numbers and the spam call blocker auto-blocks telemarketers, robocallers, scammers, fraud, sales, and more

- The phone numbers on the spam list are updated by millions of people across the world in real time, helping you block spam calls, robocalls and fraud

- Advanced call blocker for blocking spam calls from countries, similar phone number sequences, robocallers, unknown numbers, telemarketers and more!

Automatic Call Recorder (ACR):

- Seamlessly record both incoming and outgoing calls within your app to enhance your productivity.

- AI-Generated Call Subjects: Generates relevant and informative subjects for your calls, simplifying the organization of your call recordings.

- Call Summary: Automatically summarises conversations, enabling you to quickly grasp essential points without listening to the entire call.

- Transcription: Receive a written transcript of the conversation for easy reading, listening, and referencing.

Powerful Caller ID & Dialer with Reverse Number Lookup:

- The leading Caller ID shows who is calling, even if the phone number is not in your contacts

- The Caller ID will tell you if an unknown caller is a business or spam phone number, allowing you to block spam calls.

- Use Truecaller Voice (VOIP) calling to talk to your friends on Truecaller for free

- Robocallers, spammers and scammers are identified in the Caller ID

- Video Caller ID - delight your friends and family on Truecaller with a short selfie video

- Reverse Number Lookup with Truecaller’s powerful Dialer - lookup phone numbers to find the name of the person

- Search for phone numbers with the Dialer and avoid the guesswork before you call.

- Backup and restore call history, call logs, contacts, messages, block list & settings to Google Drive.


- Use Truecaller as your main text messaging app to send and receive, schedule future messages, and more. Or, avoid SMS fees by using chat instead!

- Automatically identify + block every unknown, spam, scam or telemarketing SMS

- Automatically organized tabs for your text messages - Personal, Important, Other, and Spam

Truecaller Premium - Upgrade and get access to:

- No ads

- Truecaller Assistant

- Call recording

- Know who viewed your profile

- Advanced blocking and filtering options - the ultimate spam blocker

- Announce Calls - know who’s calling without looking at the phone

- Incognito mode - view profiles privately

- Get the Premium badge on your profile

- 30 contact requests a month

Truecaller does not upload your phonebook to make it public or searchable. We are free, trusted by 400 million users globally, and exist to make your communication safer.

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최신 버전 14.9.6의 새로운 기능

Last updated on Jun 17, 2024

A newly redesigned block screen with extra levels of spam protection
Introducing Truecaller Assistant, A premium feature that screens your calls, asks questions, detects spam, and lets you know if the call is worth answering or if you should just let it ring
Introducing caller ID for WhatsApp calls
Faster call experience
Smaller app size

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