Reduced Transmission HD . RTHD 정보

the most realistic off-road simulator! PC quality on your smartphone.


This is a game for modern strong smartphones!

Discover the world of exciting off-road travel with the new HD version of the game "Reduced Transmission". This game will not leave you indifferent, because here you can drive legendary trucks and SUVs. Navigate your way through forests, mountains, swamps and other challenging landscapes.

The game offers many different modes - from rally and winter drift, to trophy and cargo delivery. You can choose your favorite mode and go on an exciting adventure, in single player mode or online for up to 10 people.

The large size of the maps, various landscapes make each race special and unique. Upgrade your truck, lay new routes and get to the most inaccessible places - all this is possible in "RTHD".

Play with your friends and join the community of players to compete in survival races and show your best results. "RTHD offroad online" is a great way to spend time with friends, enjoy exciting off-road racing and become a real professional in this business.

The game features the most legendary trucks and SUVs from around the world. You can choose a fast and light car, such as the UAZ-469, a sports modification of the ZIL-130C, Unimog and others. This will help you win in many sports disciplines and deliver light loads quickly. Or choose heavy tractors for example: KAMAZ, KrAZ, Peterbilt, Mercedes up to heavy tank tractors (OSHKOSH, MAZ-537) or experimental Soviet prototypes to deliver the heaviest loads on impassable routes. Pump the power and speed of your tractor, customize the appearance, install protection, choose wheels for certain tasks, from sports slick wheels to aggressive mud tires.

This is not just an off-road simulator, it is a whole encyclopedia that will plunge you into the world of trucks and SUVs.

By clicking on the button, under each car in the garage, you will be transferred to a detailed article with the entire history of the car.

Do not miss the opportunity to plunge into the world of harsh off-road with your friends in the game "Reduced Transmission" in HD quality!

최신 버전 11.3의 새로운 기능

Last updated on Sep 5, 2023

*Add Kraz 260
* Fixed bugs

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Reduced Transmission HD . RTHD 업데이트 요청 11.3

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