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4.7.3 by Fast Access

Jan 6, 2020

FastHub 정보


FastHub는 GitHub에 대한 궁극적 인 비공식 클라이언트입니다

If you are using CM rom do not install the app, CM theme engine has a bug and that will result on soft breaking your phone once you install the app.

Welcome to FastHub


FastHub is yet another open source unofficial GitHub client app but unlike any other app, FastHub built from ground up.


- App

- Three login types (Basic Auth), (Access Token) or via (OAuth)

- Multiple Accounts

- Enterprise Accounts

- Themes mode

- Offline-mode

- Markdown and code highlighting support

- Notifications overview and "Mark all as read"

- Search users/orgs, repos, issues/prs & code.

- Pinned Repos

- Trending

- Wiki

- Repositories

- Browse & Read Wiki

- Make commits

- Search Repos

- Browse and search Repos

- See your public, private and forked Repos

- Filter Branches and Commits

- Watch, star and fork Repos

- Download releases, files and branches

- Issues and Pull Requests

- Search Issues/PRs

- Filter Issues/PRs

- Long click to peak Issues/PRs & add comments otg.

- Open/close Issues/PRs

- Comment on Issues/PRs

- Manage Issue/PR comments

- React to comments with reactions

- Edit Issues/PRs

- Lock/unlock conversation in Issues/PRs

- Assign people and add Labels and Milestones to Issues/PRs

- Manage Milestones

- Merge PRs

- PRs reviews (reply, react with emojies, delete & edit comment)

- PRs request review changes/approve & comment.

- PRs statuses

- Commits and Gists

- Search Code/Gists

- View Gists and their files

- Comment on Commits/Gists

- Manage Commit/Gist comments

- Create/Delete Gists

- React to Commit comments with reactions

- Comment on line number in Files/Code changes.

- Orgs

- Overview

- Feeds

- Teams & Teams repos

- Repos

- Users

- Follow/Unfollow users

- View user feeds

- Contribution graph.

- Search Users, Repos, Issues,Pull Requests and Code

- Much more...

FastHub is actively developed. More features will come!

Warning! This application may work incorrectly on discontinued CyanogenMod firmware. Since this is a bug of discontinued modified operating system, we can do nothing about it. Please, think of upgrading to LineageOS instead of writing bad reviews.


Why can't I see my Organizations either Private or Public ones?

Open up and look for FastHub, open it then scroll to Organization access and click on Grant Button,

alternatively login via Access Token which will ease this setup.

I tried to login via Access Token & OTP but it does not work?

You can't login via Access Token & OTP all together due to the lifetime of the OTP code, you'll be required to login in every few seconds.

Why my Private Repo Wiki does not show up?

It's due to FastHub scraping GitHub Wiki page & Private Repos require session token that FastHub doesn't have.

I login with Enterprise account but can't interact with anything other than my Enterprise GitHub?

Well, logically, you can't access anything else other than your Enterprise, but FastHub made that possible but can't do much about it,

in most cases since your login credential doesn't exists in GitHub server. But in few

cases your GitHub account Oauth token will do the trick.

You love FastHub? You want new features or bug fixes? Please contribute to the open source project (GitHub Project) either by creating PR or submitting an issue ticket.

최신 버전 4.7.3의 새로운 기능

Last updated on Jan 6, 2020

-Fix staring & forking a repo
-Bug fixes

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최신 버전

FastHub 업데이트 요청 4.7.3

업로드한 사람

Igor Lima

필요한 Android 버전

Android 5.0+

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