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Dec 17, 2023

About yuzu

Experience your beloved hybrid-console games in a new light.

Introduction to Yuzu Emulator for Android

Yuzu Emulator transforms your Android device into an interactive gateway, allowing you to play Nintendo Switch games on PC or mobile platforms.

This power-packed application replicates the gaming console environment, giving users the freedom to enjoy a multitude of games anywhere, anytime.

Let's delve into the key features that make Yuzu the go-to emulator for gaming enthusiasts.

Extensive Game Compatibility

- Thousands of Games at Your Fingertips: Yuzu supports a vast array of games, ensuring that users have access to thousands of titles. From timeless classics to the latest hits, Yuzu bridges the gap between your gaming library and on-the-go play.

Enhanced Visual Experience

- Graphical Superiority: Gaming is not only about play but also about immersement - And Yuzu delivers that with enhanced graphics that heighten your experience. With resolution scaling and texture filtering, games look sharper and more vibrant, rivaling their native console quality.

Unleash Creativity with Game Modding

- Personalized Gaming: Yuzu supports game modding, allowing players to tweak their favorite games. This feature adds a layer of customization and extends the life of games by experiencing them in ways the original creators never even imagined.

Seamless Controller Integration

- Gamepad Compatibility: Yuzu supports external gamepads, making the transition from console to phone seamless. This functionality provides the comfort of traditional gaming controls, ensuring that the gameplay remains intuitive and engaging.

Built-in Features for an Enhanced Play

- More Than Just a Game: Yuzu isn't just an emulator; it's a comprehensive gaming tool. With built-in support for motion controls, split-screen multiplayer/local co-op, and more, Yuzu replicates the full spectrum of console features, delivering a robust gaming experience on your mobile device.

Yuzu Early Access

- Be Ahead of the Game: While the standard version of Yuzu is free, there is an optional paid Early Access release. This version is a treasure trove of cutting-edge features and early updates, coupled with prioritized support. By opting for Early Access, you not only enhance your gaming journey but also contribute to the preservation of video game history.


* The Yuzu app does not come bundled with any games or copyrighted system files. Users must legally acquire their game copies, keys, and firmware to utilize with Yuzu.

* The Yuzu team is dedicated to improving the app continuously, and your support through Early Access can help make Yuzu even better for everyone in the gaming community.

What's New in the Latest Version d590cfb9d

Last updated on Dec 17, 2023

- Implemented Native Code Execution (NCE)
- NCE improves load times, performance (in CPU limited games), lowers device temps & improves battery life
- Added game directory management
- Disabled write syncing on Android
- Fixes for FXAA rendering issues
- Introduce separate CMD buffer for uploads
- General improvements to settings pages
- Added FPS counter drop shadow for improved visibility
- Includes the latest changes from upstream yuzu

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Latest Version

Request yuzu Update d590cfb9d

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Requires Android

Android 11.0+

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