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The Allianz well together Health App is our new internal employee health app that motivates our employees to become healthier, greener and happier.

A holistic healthier lifestyle
We have developed six categories to address health and wellbeing in a holistic manner. In the categories My Body, My Food, My World, My Work, My Mind and My Wallet, we offer multiple healthy activities, such as workout videos, guided meditations, recipes or motivational food for thought and background information on health and well-being, which playfully contribute to develop a healthier lifestyle.

Healthy exercise motivates
We will organize playful team competitions around running, cycling and CO2 reduction throughout the year. With just a few clicks, our employees can join their favorite teams and get started: OE, department, home country - there are various ways to playfully compete with colleagues. Current ranking lists show progress and motivate you to stay tuned.

Diverse tracking options
There are many ways, in which you can measure the distances covered in the app. You can manually measure your walks, jogging and cycling tours via GPS in your mobile phone using a start and stop function. Alternatively, you can automatically track your steps and distance by entering the app with e.g. Google Fit or other fitness trackers such as Garmin or Fitbit.

Earn valuable Eagle Coins
The Allianz well together health app has its own bonus system. Our currency is called Eagle Coins. The app automatically generates an Eagle Coin for every kilometer covered on foot or by bike. Each additional successfully completed activity pays additional Eagle Coins to the user account. Active colleagues then have the opportunity to redeem the Eagle Coins for small prizes and to take part in various raffles.

Good for the employees, good for Allianz and good for the environment
In addition, a tree is planted for a certain number of Eagle Coins. In the course of time we will plant our "Allianz forest", which not only improves our global carbon footprint, but also makes us all aware of environmental protection and hopefully motivates our employees to carry out as many healthy and sustainable activities as possible.

Battery performance
The well together Allianz Health App is particularly battery-saving. Nevertheless, the consumption when the GPS function is switched on is higher than when the smartphone is in normal operation.

Data protection
The software is of course GDPR compliant. The data is hosted in Germany. The energy required for this comes 100% from renewable sources. In addition, the well together Allianz Health App has incorporated all the requirements of the works and staff councils into the software development. This includes anonymous participation without real names and company email as well as personally executable account deletions in the app.

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Minor bug fixes and improvements.

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Uploaded by: Yunies Mohammed Bu Shkwa

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