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2.1 for Android

Chiro One

Mô tả của SpineEffects

Chiro One Wellness Centers is proud to announce the launch of its mobile app SpineEffects.

SpineEffects is an interactive way to show how the 24 vertebrae in the human spine are connected to different parts of the body, organs, and functions of the body. It is intended to educate on how a misalignment of any of the vertebrae in the spine often called a subluxation, can cause health challenges if left uncorrected.

Key Benefits of the app include:

-Ability to touch specific vertebrate of the spine and visually see what part of the body if affects.
-Easy to read full text descriptions about each individual vertebrae and the possible symptoms that are caused from a misalignment in that area.
-Engaging video with 3d graphics about what chiropractic is and why it's important.
-Ability to search for a chiropractor in your area and contact them by phone or through their website.
-Adjustable image sizing with "touch and zoom" feature

SpineEffects 2.1 Cập nhật

Version 2.1:
- Visual enhancements
- Fixed bug with Locations Map feature
- Various minor updates

Additional Information

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Yêu cầu: Android 2.2+

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