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Nó cho thấy hoạt động và ngủ hồ sơ của bạn mesured của Samsung Hoạt động Tracker.

This application shows your daily activity and sleep records measured by Samsung Activity Tracker.
The motion sensor on Samsung Activity Tracker checks various information, such as distance, burned calories and speed based on the steps you walk, and your movement patterns during sleep and shows whether you are asleep, restless, or awake.
This device is intended for recreational use only. It is not intended for medical purposes and cannot be used for any medical purposes.
Content found from the device and the application are for informational purposes only and is not intended to replace the relationship between you and your physician or other medical provider.
Never disregard professional medical advice or delay in seeking it because of something you have learned through the device.

Access authority guide
The following access rights are required for service delivery :For optional access rights, the use of the basic functions of the service is possible even if it is not allowed.

[Required access authority]
- Location : The purpose searching the connectableness device around for the Activity tracker(EI-AN900) device and the Bluetooth (BLE) connection
[Selective access authority]
- Phone : The purpose giving a notice in the call accept through the Activity tracker (EI-AN900)
- Camera : The purpose which shoots the photo in the profile menu of the app and does the profile image setting
- SMS : The purpose giving a notice in SMS receive through the Activity tracker (EI-AN900)
- Storage space : The purpose for the image selection to use the photo shot in the profile menu with the purpose for data backup and restoration in the storage and profile menu

If your system software version is lower than Android 6.0, please update the software to configure App permissions.
Previously allowed permissions can be reset on Apps menu in device settings after software update.
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Yêu cầu cập nhật Samsung Activity Tracker 1.46

cập nhật trên

May 25, 2018

Được tải lên bởi

Dwi Jak

Yêu cầu Android

Android 4.3+

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