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Google Assistant - Hands-free help in the car for Android

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Hands-free help in the car with Google Assistant
Talk to Google to get everyday tasks done more easily while you’re driving. Quickly get directions, keep in touch, control your favorite media, and adjust vehicle settings with just your voice for a streamlined and enjoyable driving experience - get started with "Hey Google".

Get quick directions and local info
Easily find answers about businesses, restaurants and attractions, including business hours, traffic info and Google Maps directions. You can also add a stop along your route for a charge station or pick up some coffee on the way.

"Hey Google..."
"How's the traffic to work?"
"Where's the nearest coffee shop?"
"Give me directions to the airport"

Stay in touch with hands-free calls and texts
Google Assistant makes it fast and easy to stay connected to those who matter most. Make calls and send texts without touching your phone.

"Hey Google..."
"Read my messages"
"Call Emma"
"Text Alex 'On my way'"

Control your favorite media with voice
Enjoy your favorite songs, radio stations, podcasts, books and more*. Search by artist, find something to match your mood, or resume your podcast or book from where you left off. You can also skip songs or fast forward and adjust the volume.

"Hey Google..."
"Play radio"
"Play music"
"Resume music"
"Turn up the volume""

Google integrated into your vehicle
Streamline and simplify your driving experience by using your voice to control vehicle functions and get relevant information for your drive. Talk to Google to control the temperature, defroster, check if you have enough range to get to your destination and more.

"Hey Google..."
"Set the temperature to 70 degrees"
"How far can I drive?"
"Turn on the defroster"

Stay organized with helpful information for your day
Ask Google to help you remember things and get information to prepare for your day. Stay informed with the latest weather, upcoming agenda items, create a shopping list and more*. Get things done easily in the moment and set reminders for things to-do later.

"Hey Google..."
"What’s on my agenda"
"How’s the weather today?"
"Remind me to pick up dry cleaning at 6pm tomorrow"
"Add milk to my shopping list"

Get things done across apps and devices
Google Assistant works across your favorite apps and devices, orchestrating seamlessly to help you get things done and providing you with the information you need. Easily connect to and control compatible smart home devices while in the car for peace of mind and convenience.

"Hey Google..."
"Set the temperature at home to 70 degrees"*
"Are the kitchen lights on?"*

*Some features may require prior setup, a signed-in Google account, current subscription, compatible device, or internet connectivity.

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Phiên bản mới nhất: 12.8.1.RC2.release.autoYêu cầu cập nhật Google Assistant - Hands-free help in the car

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