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HEAD của tôi ở đâu?

Where's My Head?!
Evade the enemies and find your head!

Game features:
- Adventure into a strange world!
- If the giant face spots you, get out of there!
- Find your head and fight back! Grow huge and take out all of your enemies!
- Watch out for the obstacles on the field!
- Test your brain and techniques! There are some tricks to help you out on the field.
- Easy controls! Just move your finger in the direction you want to move!

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Last updated on Feb 15, 2022

Ver. 1.0.4 Update
A number of bugs have been fixed.
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Jan 18, 2022

Được tải lên bởi

Walela Dee Blessings

Yêu cầu Android

Android 6.0+

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