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Epson View

3.3.2 for Android
Seiko Epson Corporation

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Important Notice
When using this application with Android 6.0, please make sure you are using Android 6.0.1 or later. The Bluetooth pairing with the watch may not work correctly with 6.0.0.

This application allows you to review your activity data by pairing with an Epson GPS watch (GPS Sports Monitor, hereafter referred to as watch).
This application allows you to review the data recorded by your watch immediately after you have finished a tournament or training.
If you want a more detailed view of your data, your data can be analyzed using a Web application (

The main functions of Epson View
Upload data from the watch:
- Activity data can be uploaded from the watch to your Android device using Bluetooth.
- This uploaded data can then be uploaded to the cloud using the Android device.

View and analyze data:
- You can use cards to organize your activity data by sport.
- Your activity data can be viewed on a map or in a graph. The graphs allow you to compare two sets of data.
- On the trend screen, you can add your body weight and body fat data and then verify your progress.
- You can set weekly or monthly running goals and view your level of progress towards these goals.

- Displays notifications on the watch that phone call, SMS, schedule, etc... from your smartphone.

Account management:
- For those using Epson View, please create an exclusive account (Epson Global ID).
* For those who have already created a NeoRun account, you can use this account as it is.

- A watch must be paired when it is connected to the application for the first time.

Warning for when you upload data
- Please keep in mind that it may take a while to upload any activity data containing location information recorded over an extended period of time
* It takes approximately 3 to 10 minutes to upload the activity data from an hour long run

The emails received from "Email the Developers" are very useful for helping us to improve our service. As a general rule, we do not respond to individual emails. We thank you for your understanding.

Epson View 3.3.2 Cập nhật

We have fixed the problem that the following models cannot be paired with Android 12.
Models : J-347/307/50/10/U-350 series

Restriction: The music control from the above models does not work only on Android 12.

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