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Emerson e-Saver™ Residential

2.7.2 for Android

Emerson Climate Technologies, Inc

Mô tả của Emerson e-Saver™ Residential

Instant mobile annual cost savings for residential HVAC system replacement options.

Emerson e-Saver™ provides on-the-go calculations for residential contractors analyzing HVAC system conversion options. Based off of the system being replaced, up to three options are available to help the contractor explain the annual cost savings to the homeowner.
Users input current system efficiency standards, along with the considered replacement option for comparison. The e-Saver app also allows for these systems choices to be compared to current industry minimum standards, as well as the Copeland Scroll™ variable speed compressors.

• Auto locates to closest city based on geo location
• Energy prices auto update based on location
• Offers up to 3 replacement system options
• Input your own user defined replacement system
• Compare fuel costs
• Intuitive input of system data
• Cost savings based on both Heating and Cooling run hours per location
• Internet not required
• Email the comparison

Information on this and other Emerson Climate applications is available at

Emerson e-Saver™ Residential 2.7.2 Cập nhật

- Bug fixes
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Yêu cầu: Android 4.4+

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