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California DMV Practice Test

4.0 for Android


Mô tả của California DMV Practice Test

California DMV Practice Test 2017 app will help you for your learners permit test preparation. It provides 17 practice papers, each containing 36 questions similar to your real DMV test. It contains questions from DMV test 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017.

Why should you choose this App?
- It is designed to help you pass your permit test easily with smart preparation.
- We made sure that it covers each and every question that was asked in recent California DMV tests
- You can see and learn all the road signs for your permit test. i.e. traffic signs, warning signs, red and white regulatory signs, white regulatory signs, highway construction and maintenance)
- It also includes pdf handbook and videos for interactive learning
- It works offline. No need to connect to the internet and stay online.

- Total 612 unique questions covered in 17 papers
- Total 111 road signs of different categories which you can go through before practicing tests.
- Traffic signs are important. So 2 papers cover only sign and image questions so that you know each and every sign before you go for the test.
- All latest questions recently asked in California DMV permit test. There is a high possibility that you will encounter same to same questions in your real exam.
- Instant feedback. Once you choose the answer, promptly app will tell you whether your answer is true or false
- Questions are from various categories like Alcohol and Drugs, Common Signs, Lane Changes, Traffic Signs, Parking, Vehicle Control, Lights, Accidents, Signals, Vehicle Safety, Traffic Lanes, Road Signs, Speed Limits, Intersections, Signal, Intersections, Lane Changes, Turns, Right Of Way, Parking, Rest Stop, Scanning, Signaling and Merging, Following Distance, Passing, Headlights, Hazardous Conditions
- Ultimate app with mock test questions to pass California DMV written test

- Download DMV Driver handbook (Class C), Commercial Driver Handbook and Motorcycle Handbook (Ca DMV)

- Download the app, Study smart, Be confident and Pass the Ca DMV permit test with flying colors. All the best!

P.S: I am receiving a lot of positive responses from the app users and using this app, they are able to pass the test in 1st attempt.

I would recommend you these steps to pass the permit test in 1st attempt,
(1) Practice all 17 sample questions papers in this app.
(2) Quickly go through DMV handbook.

California DMV Practice Test 4.0 Cập nhật

- Flashcards improvisation
- SDK update

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