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Bella Period Calendar

1.8.3 for Android


Mô tả của Bella Period Calendar

BELLA menstrual calendar:
Do you want to know when your period starts? Or perhaps you need to know when your fertile days start in the coming month? Thanks to this free application you will be able to make a note of your cycle on your smartphone which you carry around with you almost all the time. Ovulation, infertile days or the menstruation itself will not surprise you anymore. The Bella menstrual calendar allows you to update the data, set reminders about, for example, taking the pill or describe the symptoms of the last period. The safety, comfort and convenience of this tool mean that you will never forget about your important days again.
Explore the application’s options and functionalities.

Take control!
The application’s heart is its main screen. It shows you the current day of your menstrual cycle and informs you when your fertile days and period approach. Thanks to the information appearing on the main screen, you will take control and feel much safer.

Your cycle, our support:
The registration option presents a monthly prognosis of your cycle, prognosis for the subsequent months as well as the possibility of previewing the archived entries concerning the previous cycles.

Notes, symptoms and mood!
You will be able to describe every day of your cycle by using your own notes and registering symptoms (e.g. heavy bleeding, stomach pain, headache) and moods (e.g. happy, sad, and sleepy).

The register:
It is the place where all the data related with every cycle (past and forecast) is gathered. The data is divided into past, prognoses and statistics. The past option helps you to analyse how the length of your period has been changing over the last few months. The chronological prognoses indicate when the next period starts and help determining the start dates of your cycles for the next 6 months. The statistics option is a transparent presentation of the most important numbers related to your cycle, which shows you, amongst others, the number of occurring symptoms and moods accompanying your periods as well as the minimum, maximum and average duration of your cycle.

Period prognosis:
You can choose the way in which the application predicts your periods. You can choose between the two following options: the mean values registered during previous cycles calculated on the basis of archived data from the application or the constant values, in which the cycle’s and period’s duration are defined by yourself.

You will not miss an approaching period anymore.
This is thanks to the notification option which can be personalized and adjusted to your needs. Thanks to the notifications you will know when your fertile days, period or ovulation approach. You can also set a notification reminding you to take your pill.

Do you like feeling safe?
Your data likes it, too. That’s why you can save a copy of your data on a safe server. If you replace or lose your smartphone, you will be able to retrieve the up-to-date data regarding your cycle into the newly installed application in a fast and convenient manner.

Bella Period Calendar 1.8.3 Cập nhật

data storage fix

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Phiên bản mới nhất: 1.8.3Yêu cầu cập nhật Bella Period Calendar

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Yêu cầu: Android 4.0+

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