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App Development Guide Android

2.3 for Android

Curiosity Developer

Mô tả của App Development Guide Android

There are thousands of developer and millions of app in play store but only few of the app become successful, Why? Because they follow steps which are necessary for the success of an app.

Now a days we have many sites which have best tutorials to learn android and now anyone with 20% of dedication can learn android and can make an android app within 3 months. does everyone become a successful android developer? No, because they lack guide and precise steps to become successful.

Tutorials are needed to become a developer but a guide is important to become a successful developer. So, we come with an app which act like a guide on how to promote app, earn money and how to advertise your app which are must ingredients to make an app successful along with tutorials for development of an app..
Android app development guide is divided into 3 categories:

1. Develop: This is further divided into 3 categories from how to make your first app to best tutorials which are available for developer.

• My first app: Detailed steps on how to make your 1st app for beginners.
• Running your First app: Running your 1st app.
• Android Tutorials: It include best available tutorials in:
• Website
• Video
• For Gaming

2. Publish: This section include how to generate a signed apk, make account in developer console and publish your app in appstore.

• Generate signed APK: We need to generate signed apk before publishing an app.
• Get Started With Publishing: Steps for making a developer account in Google play Store.
• Developer Console: After making your developer account it’s time to publish your first app.

3. Promote: After publishing your app ,promotion of app is most important steps to make your app successful.It Include:

• Get User: Precise Steps on how to attract user to use your app.
• How To Earn Money: Detailed Steps on how to earn money from your app.
• Advertisement: It helps you to Advertise your app through:
• Adwords
• Website Ad

Now, the best part about this app is ,it’s useful for both beginner as well as for those who already develop an app because helping hand is always needed by everyone.

Hope it will help many aspiring android developer.

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