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آپ کے آلے سے ڈراونا مبارکبادیں اور ہالووین کے خواہشات کارڈ بھیجیں۔

Halloween greetings cards allow spooky greetings and Halloween wishes to be sent right from your mobile phone.
Do you need a Halloween party invitation for this year's soiree? No need to spend hours online looking for one, with this app you could send as much halloween cards as you wish. Also, these Halloween e-cards can be easily customized with your own text and then you can send them out to your guests' email inboxes or on the most popular social networks: Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus... Enjoy Halloween! Surprise your friends! Send Halloween countdown with greetings cards!!

Make sending Halloween greetings cards as painless as possible by choosing some those texts example:

New feature: now you can set your own text!!

Choose one of the text to send: (all predefined texts are available only for english version, for other languages you can use custom text option)
★X days until Halloween!!
★Happy Halloween!!
★Halloween is coming are you ready??
★Very soon let´s go Halloween party!!
★Have a bewitching Halloween!
★Boo! From me to you.
★Wishing you a spooky and… Happy Halloween!
★Trick or treat
★You’re invited to a Halloween Party! Witches, wizards and all scary creatures are welcome!
★Attention all ghosts and goblins you’re invited to my Spooktacular party!
★A Halloween Party: witches, goblins & ghosts welcome!
★Join our party On October 31. It’s a zombies party!
★Halloween Party! We’ll have a “frightfully” goodtime!
★Come hang out with us! Pumpkin carving party!
★It’s Halloween! Let’s Party!
★You are invited to my Halloween Sleepover!
★Come to my Halloween Party for a Spooktacular Evening Of Fun!
★Have a freaky Halloween!
★Happy Boo Day and Best Witches!
★BOO! Trick or treat Happy Halloween!
★Boo! Have a happy Halloween!
★Happy BOO to you
★Keep Calm There’s only X days ‘till Halloween
★X more days till Halloween
★Just X days till Halloween!

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Last updated on Oct 2, 2022

Some minor improvements
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