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Oct 7, 2019

About Chat & Meet New People Nearby - Friendship App


Best Chat App To Chat & Meet New People NearbyMeet New People, Make New Friends

Chat & Meet new people nearby who are as passionate about things as you are. Glynk is the best friendship chat app to meetup and make new friends nearby. This is NOT a dating app.

• Anytime you are free, just shake your phone and meet new people (strangers) from your neighborhood who'd love to meetup over your favorite activities.

• Ask or answer local questions to likeminded people from the nearby areas.

• Be part of chat groups automatically created for your college, workplace, hometown, Area, City etc.

• Instantly meet people in your area who are likeminded to you!

• Chat & Meet New People nearby Live in 1-on-1 or in groups online before you meet in real. No one's a stranger anymore and making new friends is that much more easier!

• This is NOT a dating app but an app to meetup local like-minded people.

• This is all about you, your Interests, and people nearby. Go ahead… chat & meet new people everyday and make new friendships!

Highly reliable and safe

• Chat with only those strangers you like. You can choose not to receive any friend requests.

• Report or Block people in one tap.

• Remove inappropriate comments in a click.

• Extra safe for women with additional privacy settings against strangers.

• Easily search for people in your area or discover people from everywhere

Make it work for you

• Share your college (e.g.: MIT), city (e.g.: Bangalore), Area (e.g.: Koramangala), hometown (e.g.: New York), workplace (e.g.: Glynk), job function (e.g.: Blogger) etc.

• Pick interests in which you'd like to chat & meet new people and make new friends in your area.

• Have a question about what’s happening nearby? Ask people from your neighborhood.

• Actively engage in the chat groups by sharing just anything you love, answering local questions or joining a meetup nearby. Make new friends.

• Everything you do helps build a community of like-minded people so you could Meetup and do activities together! No one's a stranger anymore

How you can use it as a chat app today

• Where to go. What to eat. Which movie to watch next. - Local area based questions that bother you quite often? – You usually ask your like-minded friends for recommendations and answers. But why limit yourself? You can now ask everyone from your neighborhood and get the best answers.

• Travel with other backpackers, Go on treks, explore the city with foodies, jam, meet artists – Love doing these but keep postponing for lack of friends? Now create a local meetup and instantly meetup likeminded people in your area who'd love to do things with you. Just the way you make new friends in real life.

We are different from other chat apps

• Different chat apps connect people in different ways. Every chat app enables a unique connection between you and others in the online world. e.g.: Connect with Friends Online, Experts for questions and answers, Ideators, Communities and Professionals. Glynk is your only neighborhood chat app for Q&A and to make new friends.

• Other Social Networking chat apps that get you to meet people provide you means to chat online. In here, you meet people in your area, help them with questions and answers and meet them in real.

• We are a unique Social Networking chat platform that revolves around you and your activities rather than put you in fixed online chat groups, have you chat in groups or join a meetup driven by moderators.

• Social networking apps do not compete rather complement each other. This is a new entry point serving a need that has yet to be met. Hop on and start meeting folks nearby! Never feel bored ever again!

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میں نیا کیا ہے 3.0.3 تازہ ترین ورژن

Last updated on Jul 13, 2019

Glynk 2.0 is finally here 🚀🚀🚀
The latest version of Glynk is designed to bring people (geographically) close to you, closer👐 Now use Glynk to meet people in your neighborhood!👋
Local Feed: You will now see posts from people in your neighborhood and city. Ask questions and help each other out🤗
Shake-to-Meetup: Got free time?🤔 Shake your phone📱 Meet a neighbor👌
Neighbor Directory🗒️: Filter and discover people from your hometown, college & workplace😎Reconnect!

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