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اے آر کینوس آر مشمولات کے ساتھ خلا کو سجانے کے لئے تفریحی خصوصیات مہیا کرتی ہے

The AR Canvas app offers fun features that allow you to decorate spaces of special locations with AR. Leave your own records and share your happy moments with the loved ones.

∙ Provides a variety of Fun Creative tools such as 3D Text, Brush, Scan, GIF Sticker, and Photo.
∙ You can leave doodles at special locations such as travel destinations.
∙ You can also creatively decorate your own space for online housewarming.
∙ You can leave secret messages for a special event at your home, your room, your classroom, your workplace, etc.
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Jun 14, 2021

Android درکار ہے


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