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Wall Switch

1.0 for Android

Wall Switch Açıklaması

Wall Switch is a fast wall jumping action game with a challenging twist.

Test your reflex skills as you try to quickly switch from one wall to the next while avoiding getting hit. Collect gems and explosive power-ups for a higher score. Unlock dozens of wacky characters. Play through 75 insane levels, challenging multiple game modes and much more.

Are you up for the challenge?


◉ 30 Unlockable Characters
◉ 75 Insane Levels
◉ Explosive Power-Ups
◉ 5 Different Game Modes
◉ Endless Arcade Action

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Kategori: Ücretsiz Arcade OYUN

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En Son Sürüm: 1.0Güncelleme Wall Switch İste

Gereken Android sürümü: Android 3.0+

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