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Who knows if the great brand product or the self-production of the befriended audiophile is good or bad in terms of the sound quality? How do I know whether I should buy the bigger and cheaper or the smaller and more expensive Bluetooth speaker? Which one is better? Can I believe in what the seller and salesperson tell me in their store? How do I explain to my colleagues why I had been using HiFi for years and spent a lot of money on it? How do you explain to the hobby car tuner that, though his system is loud, it does not sound good? Why is there a difference in whether listening to the music with one, after all pretty loud wireless speaker, or with a high-quality system? Who can make such a binding and measurable statement? – TestHiFi can and does!

The output quality of an audio system is measured and clearly proved for the detected weaknesses, distortions, faults and alike and it is rated whether the device can reach a HiFi quality or not. The measurement method is not influenced by brand names, elaborately explained stories about tube amplifiers or other more subjective influences. TestHiFi measures the output, based on a given test signal, unambiguously, verifiable and reproducible.

TestHiFi helps people, who like to test their own, their friend’s or any other system, to know if it is rubbish or capable of handling good quality music. In business, it can be used by salespersons that want to give testimony to a customer on the quality of the product. The online stores can use it to provide the test result as an evaluation of the products they sell to the potential customers. Marketing companies are enabled to use the chance and offer the users, who have just conducted a test, a cheaper and better product. Students might want to score with his buddies by providing the proof of the great system the father owns. The retiree, who has abandoned all the technology developments in detail for a long time can now use it to purchase a reasonable device.
TestHiFi is so simple in its application that everyone can use it. With the output of a three-stage simple result (red, amber, green), one can address most of the above described needs already in the first stage. Further in-app purchases provide details on the measurement result, enable measurements to be stored and shared on social media.

Please make use of the microphone calibration function included in the TestHiFi App under the information menu. Microphones and their operating conditions in mobile devices vary widely, therefore please note that even after sensitivity calibration there may be diviations compared to laboratory grade equipment.

TestHiFi 1.0.0 Güncelleme

FREE!!! New measurement!!! TestHiFi comes with a complete new second measurement at listening position, in addition to the existing audio system measurement. TestHiFi is for free now and comes with only one in App purchase to see the detailed measurement data output and for some criteria a graphical output in addition.

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