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Rhythm Trainer is an effective way to master your basic rhythmic skills whichever instrument you play.

Rhythm is the basis of all music. Exercise 10–15 minutes per day using fun and field-tested method tailored to your personal learning speed.

Whether you are practicing alone or with a teacher, Rhythm Trainer will help you to:

✓ Develop sense of rhythm
✓ Easily figure out and play rhythm by ear
✓ Sight-read rhythm notation in sheet music

Rhythm by rhythm. Day by day. Play rhythmically anywhere! Learn once, use forever

If you have a MIDI music instrument, you can use it to practice rhythm*. A digital piano, a synthesizer, a MIDI keyboard, digital drums or pads, or a guitar with a MIDI interface — all of them will do. Connect such a device to your phone via USB and practice right on the real thing.

* The MIDI support is experimental. Please jot us a mail to if you have issues with it. You need a USB-OTG cable and an Android 6+ device that supports connecting a MIDI instrument.

Rhythm Trainer 0.2003030901 Güncelleme

Bugfixes and performance improvement

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