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Planes Onslaught

1.0 for Android


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A simple side scroller shooter game.

Control a plane and fight against endless incoming enemies. Upgrade your weapon and heal your health by picking up power ups that spawn after you kill enemy planes. Enemies get stronger with time.

Enemies include:
- Scout plane; Fast planes but weak armor and slow rate of fire
- Kamikaze Plane: Fast planes that lack any guns but they will fly right into you
- Mini-Boss: Slow planes that can fire homing missiles at you.
- Tanks: They will aim at you and fire. Can take some damage.
- Turrets: Homing missiles... dodge them

Power ups:
- Health: Fixes a portion of your health
- Coffee: Your gunner likes coffee; higher rate of fire
- Hammer: Don't fly into the hammer...

- Machineguns: Startup weapon
- Dual-Machineguns: Shoots two shots at a time
- Triple-Machineguns Shoots three shots at a time that split off
- Top-Machineguns: Shoots five bullets in all directions

Weapon is automatically upgraded whenever you kill a mini-boss

Future plans include the addition of soldiers as well as a store to upgrade your plane by choice

Planes Onslaught 1.0 Güncelleme

v0.6 build 6
- Reworked graphic rendering to fix frames per second choking sometimes

v0.5 build 5
- Kamikaze planes AI slightly improved
- Game difficulty slightly increased with boss kills
- Starting weapon is now Dual Machine Guns

v0.4 build 4
- More plane spawns
- Boss plane spawns consistent
- Distance traveled added
- Gameover screen persists for 1 second

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Gereksinimler: Android 4.0.3+

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