Viewing an app's permissions

You can view at the permissions currently defined in the system using the Settings app. To use the Settings app, go to Android Settings > Apps. Pick APKPure and scroll down to see the permissions that the app uses.

"Allow APKPure to make and manage phone calls?" Am i in dangerous?

No, of course! System permissions are divided into several protection levels. The two most important protection levels to know about are normal and dangerous permissions. All dangerous Android system permissions belong to permission groups. Android permissions are defined in groups - it's not possible to grant (for example) READ_PHONE_STATE permission alone. It's part of the PHONE permissions group so includes CALL_PHONE, READ_CALL_LOG , etc.

About Android permission and how they are used in APKPure

You're ready to install APKPure when suddenly you’re asked to give your permission to a whole list of things. This might seem a bit troubling, after all it’s not easy to understand exactly what you’re giving permission for. APKPure is designed to take full advantage of the hardware and software on your Android device. Here’s a full list of all the Android permissions and what they mean to you:

ID Permission Use

read phone status and identity

We need this so that we can pause APKPure for Android when a phone call is coming in.


take pictures and videos

Enable users to use QR scanner in APKPure beside search blank.


modify or delete the contents of your SD card

read the contents of your SD card

Enable APKPure manage all the downloaded apps on your SD card.


full network access

view network connections

view Wi-Fi connections

Enable APKPure to optimize its behavior depending on its connection type to reduce mobile data charges users may incur and to improve device battery life


run at startup

We use this to make sure APKPure is running to make sure you get your latest update on time.


control flashlight

control vibration

prevent phone from sleeping

Enable APKPure to prevent the phone from going to sleep when you are downloading apps in full screen mode.


install shortcuts

measure app storage space

Enable APKPure to install shortcuts on other launchers, so users can continue to use the related functions. Measure app storage space This permission is used to acquire the amount of storage space used by an application.

All details Android permissions explained here: