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Penguin Life 3D

2.2.0 for Android


Penguin Life 3D Açıklaması

Penguin Life 3D is popular in Japan.
And, about 40,000 Download in the world!!

You must not play this game in the same way as other game.
Please feel !
Please only watch Penguin's life !!
You are allowed to only feed them, only dress up them.
Finally, you will be aware penguin is in your heart...

You can play this game all free.
You can enjoy cute penguins every time.
It's Simple game system, but your idea makes nice Penguin island.

(How to Play)
1. Give food for penguin.
2. Pick up gems that penguin spit out.
3. Earn coin and get nice goods.

Cause of you can equip hats or many furnitures freely, ingenious penguin island will be on your hand. Every time, your penguins cheer up you, even when you are fun, sad or all.

(Question and Answer)
Q1. How long I wait penguin born?
A1. Please wait slow going, It's Uncertain.

Q2. How can I increase more penguin?
A2. You can get after watching ad movie. The present contents has kinds : Egg, Coin, or Blue Coin.

Q3. My penguin died! Why!!
A3. Penguin will die if you do not give food every day. Penguins are lives, so they will be die of old someday. But, if you give them food every day and love them, penguins will return to egg.

Q4. Ad present button can not push, why?
A4. If your network communication status is bad, it will not be active. And when ad movie exhausted, button is not active as same.

Q5. Item and goods kind will add?
A5. Yes, in the future, It is planned nice goods will add.

Q6. I found Bug.
A6. Sorry, Please notify detail at review.

Q7. Limited Goods will come again?
A7. Some goods will come again and others will not. It is Recommended that you get Limited Item on event time.

Q8. Penguin does'nt eat food!
A8. If Penguins are full, they can not eat more. So they will eat again after some time.

Q9. How to edit name of penguins?
A9. Please double tap penguin, and push pencil button. If name does not show, Please check penguin name show setting toggle button at left corner.

Q10. Is this game made up by alone?
A10. Yes, I'm glad for you play this game. Thanks a lot.

"may the wonders be with you" suzuran works

Penguin Life 3D 2.2.0 Güncelleme

【Over 50,000 Download in the world!!】
Halloween Event Started!!
Let's Enjoy Event with you Penguins!!

Hello Everyone!!
Thanks for your playing!!
This update includes below.

1. New Furnitures added !!
2. SNS Share function updated.

1. Egg transfer function bug fixed.

Additional Information

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