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mccPILOTLOG for Android is an off-line mobile companion for the comprehensive Windows PC and Mac OS desktop application.

The main desktop application software connects to more than 270 crew web portals, for airlines using AIMS eCrews, Sabre CWP, CrewTrac, AirCrews, CrewConnex, FLiCA, CrewDock, CrewLink/NetLine, eMaestro and many more.

Use the Android app to complete the flight records with actual flight times, aircraft tail, PF and/or crew names onboard the aircraft, and return the completed records back to the desktop through mccCLOUD sync.

The Android app is also suitable for general aviation and comes with special fields for glider and helicopter pilots.

Other functions include :

- display local time + DST rules, sunrise/sunset, globe view for all 40,000 airfields (database)
- view METAR/TAF weather reports
- Google Earth view for airfields
- export your flights and sim records to the Android Calendar

mccPILOTLOG on Android cannot be used as an independent logbook on your phone / tablet. This app is a complementary mobile tool and should always be used in combination with the main desktop software on your PC or Mac. You can free download and test the desktop application from

This app is listed as 'FREE' allowing you to run a test. However, you need to purchase an Enterprise user license for the desktop software in order to sync the desktop with this Android app.

mccPILOTLOG 4.4.8 Güncelleme

Fixed bug crash when send mail log

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