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Learn To Speak English

3.9 for Android

English Learning

Learn To Speak English Açıklaması

Features and functionality:
- Click, listen, and repeat functionality
- Record and play back tool
- Interactive conversation practice lessons
- Hundreds of real life scenarios such as movies, sports, shopping, college life, pets, working, and many more.
- Book mark lessons / Manage favorite lessons feature
- Share feature

English categories consist of:
- English Basics
- Regular Daily English
- Business English
- Travel English
- Interview English
- Idioms and Phrases
- Listening Lessons
- Pronunciation Lessons
- English Grammar Basics
- Top 2000 English speaking Vocabulary word list

How to Speak English Well: 10 Simple Tips to Extraordinary Fluency
1. Accept That English Is a Weird Language
2. Dive into the Deep End
3. Stop Being a Student
4. Remember the Answer Is in the Question
5. Get More out of Listening
6. Use It or Lose It
7. Learn and Study Phrases
8. Don’t Study Grammar Too Much
9. Don’t Be Afraid to Make Mistakes
10. Learn from Everyone

How to Speak English Well … It’s *NOT* what you think: “Don’t think, just speak” – a great, motivational video that explains well the rationale behind focusing on speaking rather than thinking.
Please listen and write carefully English audios in this app. It's will help you learn speak English.

Learn To Speak English 3.9 Güncelleme

Learn Speak English with audios and text.
File audios included. You can download offline.
Record audio.

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