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Kegel Talent

1.5.3 for Android
Yunyu School

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Kegel exercises make the muscles under the uterus, bladder, and bowel stronger. They can help prevent or control urinary incontinence and other pelvic floor problems.

Kegels work best when doing on a regular schedule. Try to do this at least 3 times a day and continue the Kegels daily as a lifelong habit.

Kegel Talent APP is designed with default exercises for beginners. Once you've acquired adequate strength in your muscles, you can setup the APP to take bigger exercises.

Main functions of Kegel Talent:

* Select Kegel trainer program, press 'Start' button, follow the screen instruction to perform Kegel exercise.
* There are several exercise sessions per day in a Kegel training. After each session, take sufficient rest.
* Each exercise session can be canceled anytime. The cancelled session will not be recorded in today's record.

* Each finished Kegel exercise session will be recorded for your reference.
* Days with Kegel exercises will be indicated by color. Green >= 3 exercises; Yellow < 3 exercises; Red = Today's record.
* Press 'Delete' button will remove the current selected record. Delete today's record will reset today.

* This APP is suitable for both male and female users. Follow the introduction on the APP while doing Kegel exercise.
* The usage guide describes Kegel exercise using men as the example. Female users can search internet for the knowledge related to women.
* Every time, click the banner ads on the screen, you can remove the ads and get a 3-day free use of all functions in the APP.

Kegel Talent 1.5.3 Güncelleme

## 1.5.0~1.5.3 ##
* Allow 15 reminders per day
* Fix crash bugs in 1.5.*

## 1.4.0~1.4.9 ##
* Setup daily reminder for exercise
* Long click to turn on/off vibration, sound, and reminder
* Provide up to 24 exercise sessions per day
* Provide setting option to continue APP run in background
* Support simplified Chinese, Russian language
* Add user daily exercise chart (PRO version)
* Refer to the "USAGE" tab for more information

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