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Green Skin: Dungeon Master

1.2.1 for Android

Super Planet

Green Skin: Dungeon Master Açıklaması

"Mysterious World of Roguelike.
The World of Green Skin is waiting for the great adventurer.
One who can defeat the monsters and overcome the dungeons, is that you?"

# Roguelike_Stay Alert!

Start from the beginning whenever you fail!
All items are random! Dungeon might be full of treasures, all full of monsters and traps!
So stay alert!

# Clan_Wish Power and Wisdom for you!

Organize your own party to start an adventure to the dungeon.
Not only hero to fight the monsters, but also hero specialized in detecting are needed!

# Equipment_Be the "Real Master" of Legendary weapon!

Among equipment from Common to Legendary grade, only Legendary equipment has mysterious hidden abilities.
However, only by fulfilling the "Ownership" quest, it can be released!

# Heroine Favorability_I will be your Goddess

Achieve favorability of various heroines during the adventure!
Do their favor and take their blessing to be stronger in dungeon!

# Endless Labyrinth_Hidden dungeon that no one has ever returned.

Defeat the monsters in the labyrinth, claim your treasures from the dungeon!
Don't be scared to challenge, you have infinitely many chance to enter!

# Blood Dominion_Furious fight between clans to rule the territory!

Organize your clan to attack the new territory to make it yours.
Failed to defense will lose the region, yet you have another chance to fight back!

Clan's fate is on your hand, wish all the power and wisdom for you...!

Green Skin: Dungeon Master 1.2.1 Güncelleme

Witch's Tower UPDATE!

Trapped in the Witch's Tower with little food left.
Gotta take as many treasures as possible and escape the tower safely!

Mythic Grade Equipment UPDATE!
Experience the Mythic Equipment.
Its Power overwhelms that of Legendary Equipment.

Bug fixed:
-Equipment Enhancement can now be processed normally.
-Earned Items and equipment from Witch's Tower will be shown properly.

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