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Ghost Game

Get the Chow

10.3 for Android


Ghost Game Açıklaması

Control a team of hungry Ghosts that must dig their way through the clouds, find their pals, and collect the Ghost Chow! It's the Ghost Game!

• Ghosts aren't too clever. They walk in a straight line until bouncing off of obstacles or falling off the world (to their hilarious death). Help them carve their path through the levels, get the Ghost Chow, and find the way out.

• Venture through 45 action-packed, puzzle-filled levels of rain, lava, and ice on your way through the floating realms. Collect the Rock Shovel and Fire Pick to reshape the terrain at your will!

• Collect new tools along the way, explore distant lands, and unlock all of your Ghost Pals, including Ghoul-a Kahlo, the Spirit of St. Louis, and the Ghostmonaut!

- Over 45 action-packed, puzzle-filled levels!
- Collect new characters and build up your Ghost Team!
- Obtain new tools to help you along your way!
- Level up your tools to overcome new obstacles!
- Find special items like the Fire Cloak to become invulnerable to the elements!
- Dig and pick your way through the clouds!
- Discover new realms!

************Get diggin'************
**********Get the Chow***********
*********Get the Ghosts**********
*Get the Super Best Ghost Game*

Here comes the Platform Puzzle Game of 2018. Get Super Best Ghost Game now for FREE! Can you solve the puzzles and find all your Ghost Pals? That's the spirit!


Ghost Game 10.3 Güncelleme

- Featuring all-new Snow Levels! Can you beat them all?
- New music for Lava and Snow realms!
- New music and sounds for the Team selection screen!
- Game is now translated to Spanish, Portuguese, German, French, and Italian!
- New tutorial featuring the Ghost King!

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Gereksinimler: Android 4.1+

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