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Exnet was launched in June 2016 being the first and most reliable Ride Hailing App based in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

Exnet drivers are available 24/7. You can now get away from the hassle of driving your own car and finding the parking or waiting for the bus. Exnet driver will come to pick you up and happily bring you to your destination.

No additional fees, total fare will appear on your app after you finish the ride. You can pay Exnet by cash or various Cambodian digital payments app are available on select drivers.

Download Exnet App and enjoy your first trip today.
Booking your Exnet Ride is easy-the booking steps are as follows:
- Open the app, tap on set pick up (you can move the pick-up location to the street where you want Exnet to pick-up, it’s easier for the driver to wait you at the exact location)
- Choose the service (Exnet-Car, Exnet-TukTuk, Exnet-SUV, etc)
- Set your destination (you can directly move the pin at the exact location or key-in the building name)
- Tap on confirm booking, you will see how many minutes waiting, picture of the driver, vehicle details, and you can track the driver by Exnet App.
- After the trip, you can pay the driver by cash then the trip summary will be automatically sent to your email.

Exnet-Car provide a fast car pick up that can accommodate up to 4 passengers.

Exnet-TukTuk is a good alternative to save up your money. A fancy three-wheeler Richshaw vehicle or the local Khmer Romork will come to pick you up which can accommodate up to 3 passengers.

Exnet-SUV is perfect for a more comfortable ride with a bigger vehicle and larger compartment for your luggage.

Any issue with your trip, forward the trip summary to our email, Exnet support team will be your disposal and will do their best to assist you.
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Exnet 0.32.06-BOOM Güncelleme

We updated the app to make trip costs transparent — all the additional fees will be shown as part of the whole sum on the screen. Also, the Romanian language added, stabilization improved and no bugs left unnoticed. Be safe on the roads!

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