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0.99.3 for Android


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Open Source Android Diagnostic Tool for Buell Motorcycles. Licensed under GPL v3.
Communication with the ECU is achieved through a Bluetooth serial adapter connected to the motorcycles diagnostic plug.

Initial pairing of your android device with the bluetooth serial adapter must be done using the stock Android Settings application (Wireless & Network). Also, make sure that your BT serial adapter is set to 9600, 8N1, No Handshake.

Log files and EEPROM data will be stored at '/sdcard/Android/data/org.ecmdroid/files'

If the App crashes: Please state your ECM ID (e.g. "BUE2D") as user message for the Crash Report.

Please report issues here:

More information about building your own BT-Diagnostics Adapter can be found here:

EcmDroid 0.99.3 Güncelleme

Fixed a bug that prevented setting the "AFV (Front)" parameter on supported ECM types

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Uploaded by: Kaique Ferreira

En Son Sürüm: 0.99.3Güncelleme EcmDroid İste

Available on: EcmDroid Google Play'den İndirin

Gereksinimler: Android 4.2+

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