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Bhasha Sinhala Translator

1.1.4 for Android


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Bhasha Translator is a mobile language translator between Sinhala & English languages.

Bhasha Translator comes with an in-built Sinhala rendering technology which enables you to read Sinhala text even if your device does not support Sinhala language.

You can translate any text from Sinhala to English or vice versa up to 300 characters per day for FREE. The usage cycle resets every day, so if you exceed your daily limit, you can just wait few hours for the next day.

How Bhasha Translator works?
- Bhasha Translator uses a third party translation API to technically get raw translations & improves the accuracy of them by using statistical analysis & manual translations over the time. Sinhala Unicode text are rendered using Bhasha's exclusive cross-device supported Sinhala rendering technology, so that anyone can read & write Sinhala on Bhasha Translator even if your device does not support Sinhala language.

Why there's a daily translation limit?
- The third party API used by Bhasha Translator is a paid API to which we have to pay $20 per 1 Million characters. We bear that cost & provide you a free service (supported by ads) up to 300 characters per day. We hope to give you an premium option to increase this limit in future releases.

How can I type in Sinhala?
- You have to install "Helakuru" Sinhala keyboard to type in Sinhala. Bhasha Translator will prompt you at app launch if you haven't already installed Helakuru. Select "Yes" from there & install Helakuru from Google Play Store. Don't forget to enable & switch to Helakuru keyboard after installation to type in Sinhala.

Bhasha Translator uses a paid third party translation API to provide translations which is still in beta, thus not liable for the accuracy of the translations.

A Product by Bhasha

Bhasha Sinhala Translator 1.1.4 Güncelleme

- Bug fixes!

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