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Play with just one finger.Connect all the plugs to a matching socket. But, as in real life, it isn't as easy as it sounds!Puzzle game with one finger control. Easy to play, hard to master.
Small choices lead to all kinds of weird consequences in this compact simulation of life!Go to a safari, annoy your neighbors, fool around with your friends, go on a date with your goth girlfriend. See where life takes you!- Crazy amount of choices!-
Become the best customs officer at the airport: check people and luggage.Unlock new destinations to earn more money.3 mini-games at your disposal:-Tired of having to empty your suitcase at customs? You now have all the cards!-Take control as the new
Give it your best shot!Fire your sniper gun and be smart to earn money while shooting! Unlock new weapons and withstand the toughest enemies!It is bullet time!
Does he have a mustache? Does he have blue eyes? Oh! I find him!There are many characters but only one is right! Will you be able to unlock all cards?You know this game, so let’s play with us in the solo mode or in the versus mode !
Well, unfortunately, electronics do break easily. But this is where you come in! Open up the electronics, switch the damaged parts, clean up the dust, apply some thermal paste, reassemble, and voila, like brand new! Level up your expertise and unlock
With over a zillion downloads, Brain Test: Tricky Puzzles redefined mobile gaming. Now get more of the exhilarating riddles and funny tests with Brain Test 2!Get ready to be bamboozled with all-new mind-twisting puzzles. In this new version, puzzles
Lucky Dice is rolling to the town. With this best game, you could find the ultimate fun and an easy chance to win some free money. It costs you nothing to try this risk-free, most welcome board game. Download now and start rolling your Lucky Dice.◆ F
Let’s get cookin’! Join SpongeBob SquarePants on a hilarious culinary adventure through the restaurants and kitchens of Bikini Bottom! When Mr. Krabs realizes there’s more money to be earned in the fast food business, the penny-pinching entrepreneur
Sneak Thief 3D is a fun and addictive game where you have to sneak through a heavily guarded museum in order to knock out the guards, escape detection and get your hands on the priceless item at the end!Use walls and cover as much as possible to avoi
Fixing and repairing damaged electronics haven’t been this much fun! If you'd like to get a sense of fulfillment by making objects perfect, you have to Fix the Item!Feeling anxious lately? Here is the perfect game that will help you while dealing wit
Make the most delicious ice creams and fill them with mouth watering toppings! Just hold and move your finger up to create finger licking desserts!FEATURES:• Intuitive one touch controls• Beautiful graphics• Challenging gameplay!
Take control! Be one with the bullet in this action packed puzzler. In this unique experience, you become the bullet. You are in control of its movement. Once the gun fires at the targets you move it left and right, and up and down. Watch out for obs
Breathe new life into old cars!Cars aren't built to last forever, and restoration can make them look and run like new. Buy a rusty wreck, transform it into a nice vehicle and sell it for a better price! You will be working on collectibles sooner than
Easy and relaxing! Sort the beads into the matching colored bins!If you like to organize and tidy things up, you'll love Bead Sort!
"Crash Race.io is a fun and racing game where you have to crash all the cars to win the race!Crash other cars to get coins and buy more vehicles.Merge cars in your garage to get more Cool vehicles. Can you beat others by bumping them off the road ?"
Wordy word, you cannot miss it! Welcome to enter this amazing new word. Begin brainstorming and enjoy the game. Have fun in Wordy word. Come to try it right now. Try it now. 🌻Relax your mindHints option to help you solve the puzzle.Daily bonus and m
Put a hydraulic press into action and… crush some cars! Use great force on multiple vehicles and see what happens…Are you ready for the ultimate destruction? Download the game and see for yourself!
What you see is what you get.Extremely easy to play yet not that easy to give up.Adjust pins by pulling or dragging them.Make your way trough pipes.Let the water flow and fill the cups.
VISUALISM PLAY !The grand adventure to search for ‘Exestruk’, the missing sword of the emperor, and the curse of the ancient dragon!Experience the adventure of your lifetime.Experience the unique visualism beyond your imagination.Experience the uniqu
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