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1.0.3 by Nacho Sama

Mar 29, 2024

About That's Not My Neighbor

Your help is needed in the Doppelganger Detection Department (D.D.D.)!

[Game Introduction]

That's Not My Neighbor is an intriguing 2D horror simulation game released in February 2024 that marries the familiar mechanics of a job simulator with a sinister twist. 

Set in 1955, players step into the shoes of a doorman in an old apartment building, but with an eerie catch: the world outside teems with creatures called doppelgängers—fiendish entities that are precise human duplicates, with a penchant for mischief and harm.


Deep Strategic horror simulation

As the gatekeeper of the building, the player's role evolves into something far more crucial than merely welcoming tenants. The assignment turns defensive, as the doorman must thwart these imposters’ attempts to enter. The gameplay involves a heightened sense of scrutiny, where checking IDs, confirming apartment numbers, and even making verification phone calls become essential strategies to safeguard the genuine inhabitants.

Successful horror atmosphere

The experience is atmospheric and fraught with tension, where each interaction holds potential peril. Missteps are not trivial; the consequences are severe and impose an ethical weight to the player's judgment calls. The game's immersive quality has been amplified by critical acclaim surrounding its demo, praising its unique proposition and engrossing suspense.

In That's Not My Neighbor, discerning between the actual neighbors—harmless humans prone to their own lapses like forgetting belongings—and the malignant doppelgängers is paramount. The latter, being the primary antagonists, are a sophisticated and concealed danger, emulating human identity with frightening precision.

Mechanic settings

Equipped with tools like a trusty telephone for seeking guidance from your mysterious employer, the D.D.D., checklists for meticulously recording visitor details, and a security window for scrutinizing visitors, the doorman is the building's dedicated sentinel. A button system is in place for granting or denying entry; folders to organize documented findings, and an emergency button to deal with confirmed doppelgängers decisively.

Players will need to harness their attention to detail and stay alert. The game doesn’t just challenge your ability to process information; it tests your nerve and moral compass. Guarding against these masqueraders requires both a keen eye and a steely resolve. 

That's Not My Neighbor promises a thrilling blend of horror and responsible guardianship, ensuring a unique gameplay experience.

Are you prepared to protect your neighbors from the lurking doppelgänger threat? 


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- This game is available to play on Windows, macOS, and Linux

- Price: $2.99 or more 

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What's New in the Latest Version 1.0.3

Last updated on Mar 29, 2024

Minor bug fixes and improvements. Install or update to the newest version to check it out!

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Additional Game Information

Latest Version

Request That's Not My Neighbor Update 1.0.3

Uploaded by

Nacho Sama

Requires Android

Android 7.0+

Available on

That's Not My Neighbor

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That's Not My Neighbor Articles

That's Not My Neighbor FAQ

Is That's Not My Neighbor a horror game?

Yes, it features body horror and blood, making it unsuitable for children. Use the app for optimal downloading.

Is That's Not My Neighbor available on PC?

Indeed, it's playable on Windows, macOS, and Linux.

When did That's Not My Neighbor release?

It was launched in February this year by Nacho Sama.

How to install That's Not My Neighbor on Android?

For a secure, fast download of That's Not My Neighbor, visit APKPure and use their APK link.

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