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เกี่ยวกับ RF Project

RF Project is a new upcoming PC-mobile cross-platform role-playing game developed by Netmarble. As many might be familiar with the name Netmarble as they are one of the Korean gaming giants who have developed mobile games including Lineage 2 Revolution, Seven Knights, and more. Netmarble acquired the right for the IP of RF Online in 2020, and now RF Project's being developed by the company based on the original title.

Min-kwan Kwon, CEO of Netmarble N2/Netmarble N Park, said, “I had a great desire to show users the attractive and unique world of RF again. We made preparations,” he said, introducing the background of the development of the RF Project.

The original nostalgic features from RF Online will be retained according to Netmarble, such as sci-fi worldview, giant robots, cool weapons, Animus, etc. However, the developers plan to add new features in the future development of RF Project, introducing an intense battle gaming experience not possible in the original PC MMORPG.

From the gameplay trailer revealed by the company, players can do various tasks - riding giant robots, battling against enemies with gigantic weapons, and taking on a journey in a sci-fi world full of thrill and adventures.

RF Project will release on both PC and mobile. There is no specific release date revealed yet, and it's still being developed by Netmarble N2. Players can bookmark this page to stay informed for updates!

Official Pre-Register Page: http://www.netmarble.com/


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