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2.3.6 by Spark Dynamics

Jul 8, 2024

เกี่ยวกับ Cosmo

AI hair editor with AI mustache, long hair filter, bangs filter & fun hairstyle!

AI hair editor with AI mustache, long hair filter, bangs filter & fun hairstyle will create a magical transformation!

★ Dive into the AI hair editor and AI face art baby generator world to have a fun time with ai hair changer, long hair filter, bangs filter, curly hair filter, blonde hair filter and short hair filter for your face!

★ AI cartoon photo editor, baby generator is ready for you to design your retro or AI art version! AI face generator for your portraits to turn them in cartoon trends with your pet!

★ "How will my baby look like?" With time machine effects, use the future baby filter! You can create your future baby with your and your partner photos!

★ You can also reshape body care as fat filter or a body like fitness person by AI photo editor & AI body and face art generator!

Beauty editor for you: AI face makeup filter and retouch beauty filters!

★ Follow the beauty fashion: You can photo edit the lipstick, eyeliner or eyebrow filters like you have many cosmetics! Also, edit eye makeup with eye color filters, eyelashes AI filter, cheekbones filter and eye shadow makeup fashion filters!

★ Try smooth skin foundation, acne remover, teeth whitener, blemish remover and add some blush for cheekbones filter!

★ Cosmo Beauty AI & Retouch Face Filter enhances your natural beauty plus increases your selfie's photo quality by AI photo editor!

★ There are beauty AI effects like celebrity, freckles, desire, smile, fresh and botox filters!

AI hair filters and funny retouch face filters for your mood!

★ Follow fun trends by AI face editor with young filter, make me old age filter, time machine, "How do I look" for future self!

★ Find perfect celebrity look alike, do gender swap by AI face generator!

★ Beard photo editor and hair editor that serves many hairstyles! Hairstyle changer tool has hair dye filter, hair color filter and haircut filters as: Beard app, bald filter, short hair, long hair, blonde wavy hair, curly hair, straight and bangs filter in hair editor!

Quick fixes for a perfect sculpt: Retouch face & Reshape body tune!

★ Don't forget the touch retouch face: Remove dark circles, red eye corrector, retouch face beauty AI for "make me thin", photo slimmer for chin and cheek, jawline, reshape nose, future baby maker!

★ Easily retouch body and reshape body with AI face tune for perfect selfie!

★ Reshape body edit for perfect body tune! Reshape body for a slim and skinny waist, beauty AI, thinner and taller legs are waiting for you!

Enhance photo quality by Cosmo AI Body Editor

★ Enhance photo quality tool is for you to make photos clear by picture enhancer!

★ Fix blurry photo with super AI face editor, quality enhancer and increase picture res with unblur photo and pixel!

★ Photo enhancer is ready to make your pictures incredible with AI art generator!

Object removal & Photo background changer

★ Remove objects from photo easily and delete unwanted people with AI face editor!

★ If object removal and remove things from photos are not enough for you, change background or remove backgorund completely for transparent background in seconds by AI picture baby generator!

★ Cosmo AI photo generator takes you to any place you want to go with background changer, design and cutout background, white bg changer perfectly!

One tap Cosmo: AI Face Filters, Beauty & Hair Editor is a editor with AI art generator for beautiful lips, nose and eyes, trend hairstyles like bald filter, no beard filter, short & long hair filter, delete background, retouch face smooth, body reshape and fix blurry photo design! Cosmo is not only a perfect beauty camera for face and body makes edit makeup face tune, but also makes face retouch for smooth skin and body reshape in pictures! Have fun time with fun AI face generator hair filters, fun fitness & fat filters, future baby maker, 90s AI yearbook effects in AI picture generator! Share your makeover on Instagram, Facebook, Whatsapp, Snapchat, TikTok, VK, Tumblr, Flickr, Twitter and Pinterest!

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Last updated on Jul 8, 2024

Minor bug fixes and improvements. Install or update to the newest version to check it out!


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Android 7.0+

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