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The cowboys, pistol, sheriff, and duels! Have you ever dreamt of living in a western town in 18th and 19th century? How would you like to experience the most authentic yet magnificent western world?
Greed, alcohol, killing, the fear of the unknown, and laughter and screaming of the outlaws. Will you join them or reconstruct the new rules? What’s your choice?
In order to survive, you’ll have to deal with robbery, theft and battles! Blending in with the bandits, gangs, swindlers, politicians and merchants. Fight it out in this wild cruel world and write your own history!
Fight against the robbers, rebuild new towns, expand your territory, and unite with allies around the world!

Deception, betrayal. No rule is the rule of the west world. In order to survive, you must lead people to rebuild your town! Making plans for the town, building roads, designing the layout of buildings and the beautification of the landscape, all the work needs your attention to detail.

Lone wolf sounds charming, but there's always a limit. Uniting with allies and establishing alliances with hundreds of people to share and support each other, the more the stronger.

Territory matters. Territory is the power and wealth of landlords! Expand your territory and increase your presence, further improve your influence! Conquer the whole country with your allies!

Hiring unique heroes to expand your team. Strong heroes can keep your town developing in fast pace, and also, they are the irreplaceable force in your expeditions and conquer!

Material is extremely precious on this deserted land, which makes it important to make plans before using any resources. Maximize profits by trading, and strive to expand your production and improve your storage capacity.

Improve your power and increase your presence, lead your allies and rise to the top among lords. Peace or war? All up to you.

If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out our facebook at https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100027917748629&

WestWar:Redemption 1.0.0 Обновить

Welcome to West Wars: New Settlers!

Updated content:

1. Fix any known bugs in the game

2. Modify sound effects

3. Edit the newbie

4. Add missing ID

Additional Information

Категория: Бесплатно Стратегии ИГРА

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Требования: Android 5.1+

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