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Real Radar for Ghosts

2.1 for Android

Ninjetic Studios

Описание для Real Radar for Ghosts

Using years of technological advances in the ghost detection field, Real Radar for Ghosts allows the user to scan around their environment and can report the position, distance, and strength of potential paranormal apparitions.

Features include:
- Real time radar display which acts as a compass
- Detection sound to alert the user
- Line visualized to match information to the radar location
- Small detection radius to allow accurate results
- Accurate up to almost 7 meters distance
- Variety of rare ghost identification such as Poltergeists
- Amaze your friends with your ability to locate the supernatural

As a detection is made, a unique color is assigned to help tell apart each unique detection. The data regarding the detection is presented on the right side of the screen, with a line connecting each ghost to its matching data.

Real Radar for Ghosts provides a robust user interface allowing easy and clear identification and tracking of many unique ghosts all at the same time. A general comparison of data is used to create a profile of many moods and attitudes the ghost that appear on the radar display have, and sometimes the radar will identify very dangerous or unique ghosts which will be highlighted for the user to immediately notice. Sounds are played when a new detection is made or a detection has left detection range.

If you have problems with the north facing compass arrow not showing the right direction, it could be due to not having GPS enabled on the device, and you should try and quit the app either by tapping the back button within the app, or by removing it from the recent apps list, then enable your devices GPS before re-launching Real Radar for Ghosts. Some electronics and devices cause interference with magnetic north reading, so try to avoid using the app while the device is near magnetic sources of energy. Best results are obtained with the device stationary on a flat surface like a table, with the N of the radar display matching the rotation of the arrow indicator around the perimeter of the radar display. Once the device is still and rotated to nearly match the north arrow, you can tell which direction the detection is in relation to the position and orientation of the device.

Real Radar for Ghosts is completely free and ad supported. The ads displayed are targeted at users by Google AdMob and as such you may see results which are catered based on your profile according to google. If you notice a particular ad that your not happy about, please report the ad using the controls visible within the app, on the corner of a displayed ad, which will take you through Google's reporting process.

You are encouraged to use Real Radar for Ghosts with caution, and never to enter any dangerous areas or do any potentially dangerous activities while using this app. Ninjetic Studios does not condone using this app in any dangerous ways, and all liability is of the end user to responsibly use this app.

Thanks for using Real Radar for Ghosts! If you enjoy the app please take a moment and write a review sharing your experience!

Real Radar for Ghosts 2.1 Обновить

Version 2.1 Changes:
- Bug Fixes

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Uploaded by: Hubert Smoliński

Последняя версия: 2.1Запросить Real Radar for Ghosts обновление

Требования: Android 4.1+

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