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Описание для Mobile Key

Mobile Key 3 from 2N empowers you with the ability use your mobile phone as your access credential and the key to your doors. Our latest version introduces patented WaveKey technology to bring you unprecedented reliability, opening speed and solution security.

WaveKey technology allows door opening to feel instant upon reader touch. Furthermore, it prevents unwanted door opening by static phones and attempts to ensure phones moving away from the reader won’t authenticate.

Bluetooth credential security is guaranteed by government grade AES encryption over our proprietary channel. Benefit from the option of NFC door unlocking too, if your phone and 2N reader supports it.

Used in combination with an appropriate 2N® IP Intercoms or Access Units, Mobile Key offers a convenient, secure and reliable keyless access solution.

Operation modes include:

‘Touch mode’, which lets you open the door without removing your phone from your pocket or bag, simply by touching the reader. Enjoy a seamless and convenient access experience even if your hands are full.

‘Tap mode’, which allows you to trigger door opening form a greater distance by tapping the button in the app. Perfect for car park or garage access.

‘Card mode’, allowing you to authenticate by presenting your phone against the reader without need to unlock the screen Disabled by default. Requires ‘Tap mode’ enabling by reader admin and enabling in app.

‘Motion mode’, allowing authentication to be triggered via motion detected in the intercom’s camera. Requires configuration by reader admin and enhanced video license in reader.

Other features include:

• Unlimited free credentials
• Vibration feedback
• AES encryption
• Time limited access
• Home screen widget
• NFC door unlock option
• Simultaneously supported authentication modes
• Manual sensitivity override per device

Setup Instructions:

• Download and install the app
• Choose whether you wish to use Bluetooth only, Bluetooth & NFC or NFC only in the app
• Choose the authentication mode in your Bluetooth enabled 2N® IP Intercom or Access Unit.
• Add a new user to its directory and generate a pairing PIN code
• If you wish to use NFC then ensure that NFC is selected in your NFC enabled 2N® IP Intercom or Access Unit (you will need to install an NFC license to the 2N device)
• Start pairing mode in the app and select the device you wish to pair (you must be within range of the device. For ‘Touch’ mode you might need touch the device for it to become visible in the app)
• Enter the pairing PIN code when prompted
• After successful pairing, you may now enter all doors in the same site using the app

Mobile Key 3.2.0 Обновить

*Mobile Key 3.0 or higher requires firmware 2.32 or higher on all readers*

Opening sensitivity settings – choose between three opening sensitivity modes for the perfect balance of security and convenience.

Where background door unlocking is not being used, background location permissions are no longer necessary, and widget now works.

See app description for more details.

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