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2.3.6 by Volio Mobile Apps - Govo Tech

Apr 25, 2023

O Word-Excel-PDF-PPT Docs Reader


File opener: read pdf, word doc, excel csv spreadsheet, powerpoint, txt files.

Want to boost your productivity and save time finding files? Try this document opener - A helpful file viewer, office suite for free. This is an easy-to-use multi documents opener that allows you to read word document, open pdf file, excel csv spreadsheet, view txt and powerpoint files. The aim of us is to provide you with the best document reader solution so you could easily open office files processing on the phone. Besides, this office documents viewer also adds a lot of advanced features for free with a desire to bring the best experience for our dear users.

Use this document reader to store all of your files and go paperless as handy as you need while out of the office. You can open files on the go to view and share office documents whenever and wherever you want.

Here are the following reasons why you should give our file opener a try:


- Reliable: File viewer guarantees that we do not collect your personal information or files, and you have full control of your documents

- Friendly: Easy to use interface, lightweight storage, supports high-resolution screen display for tablet and Samsung fold

- Fast: Open files, google docs in a blink of an eye, auto-recognize new documents, and sort by file format for easy searching

- Multi-language: Support for 20 languages on all devices and still updating

- Multi-file formats opener: word doc, docx, excel xls, xlsx, csv spreadsheet, pdf, powerpoint ppt slide, pptx, txt file


- Store all documents in one place and open files even offline

- Manage all your documents in one place

- Different sorting options: sort document by date created, name, file size, and last recent

- Quickly open your important or favorite pdf, word doc, excel csv, powerpoint, txt files with the bookmark feature

- Create document shortcut to open faster without opening file opener


- Fluid scrolling, get the best reading experience

- Dark mode for a new and unique reading experience

- Optional choose Thumbnail, Single Page, or Scroll Mode for quick navigation pdf

- Adjust pdf, excel csv spreadsheet, word doc, power point, txt files to fit perfectly with your screen

- Find a word, phrase, or page number in your documents instantly with the search feature

- View ppt slide and present powerpoint conveniently within the file viewer

- Enhance documents readability by zoom in/zoom out feature


- Connect to your Google Drive account to open google docs, google slides, google sheets

- Open large files in a snap

- View and bookmark Google Drive files

- Share multiple google docs, google slides, google sheets files in seconds

This file viewer is an all-in-one complete free office suite, document reader for Android. It is the expert combination of multiple files reader, which included word reader, excel opener, pdf reader, powerpoint presentation viewer, and txt reader. Save your time and be well-organized. Download now to try this file viewer for free and open files remotely whenever you want.

Co nowego w najnowszej wersji 2.3.6

Last updated on Apr 25, 2023

Minor bug fixes and improvements. Install or update to the newest version to check it out!

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Dostępne Word-Excel-PDF-PPT Docs Reader aktualizacje 2.3.6

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Gabriel Alejandro Pintos

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Android 5.0+

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