Mission Zero delivers a captivating and immersive gameplay experience with its unique 2v4 competitive stealth format.


O Mission Zero

Mission Zero sets four Sirius operatives against two Mobius agents in an intense game of hide and seek. The objective for the Sirius players is to evade the vigilant Mobius agents by assuming disguises that mimic the non-playable characters (NPCs) in each area. Whether it's posing as a janitor, waiter, or cook, the Sirius must blend in seamlessly. On the other side, the Mobius players must utilize their exceptional deduction skills to identify the disguised Sirius and incapacitate them using their unique abilities. Though outnumbered, the Mobius agents have an advantage in teamwork, combining their distinct traits and abilities, categorized into archetypes like Assault-type, Scout-type, and Strategy-type.

Equipped with cutting-edge technology, the Sirius operatives possess eleven different gadgets to aid in their escape if necessary. These gadgets provide them with various advantages, such as the ability to turn invisible using the Cloak Shield, create decoys with the Stand-In Badge to confuse pursuers, or unleash the Shockwave, which stuns nearby enemies and can be charged for wider coverage.

In the Technical Test of Mission Zero, the Mobius players have access to eight unique characters, each with their own abilities. Aya, a rebellious girl with a gothic style, wields a powerful baseball bat to knock out her foes.

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