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Kindli, Inc.


It's time for social change.

Kindli is a social unity app that puts the focus squarely on kindness and positivity. It aims to change the divisiveness that traditional social media platforms have enabled by reuniting people in civility. The app unifies and motivates all users through the common “channel” of expertly curated daily kindness videos. And it celebrates and shares the kind acts of real people by giving a home to the “Pay It Forward” movement through its innovative Kindli Cards™ and kindness street team. It’s a social platform with a purpose - to generate and track over one billion acts of kindness around the world while raising one billion dollars for charities. The platform provides a safe community that automatically eliminates fake accounts and silences members with malicious intent, and enforces strict content guidelines that don’t allow for politics, hate speech, violence, racism, or bullying.

Content Guidelines

Kindli is a global community of like-minded people who thrive on positive energy. To stay that way, we employ stricter standards for content than other social platforms. Below are general guidelines that we employ to keep the community safe and fun:
1. No politics, no racism. We have zero tolerance for anything red, blue, black, white, or anything in between.

2. No haters. If you don't have something nice to say, don't say it.

3. Keep it clean. PG-13 or better, for everyone's sake.

4. If you see it, report it! Keep the Kindli community positive, supportive, and safe by reporting all inappropriate content.

Kindli Cards™ - 1 Billion Acts of Kindness

Join us as we try to generate and track over 1 Billion acts of kindness around the world. Kindli Cards make kindness easy and fun! Every card in your pack is anonymous, but comes with a unique QR code on the back that is tied to your Kindli account. You can even customize the message on your cards for a personal touch.

Physical Kindli Cards™ are a proprietary, patent-pending method of tracking kind acts all around the world. Kindli members can perform a real-world random act of kindness and leave behind an anonymous Kindli Card™. When the card recipient scans the code on the card they can send a “thank you” message and photo/video to the Kindli member, who can choose to share the message to their Kindli profile and inspire followers to do their own acts of kindness. Kindli Cards™ provide a home for the “Pay It Forward Movement”, as each kind act gets logged and shared rather than vaporizing at the scene.

$1 Billion for Charities

You do not have to make a donation to charity to use Kindli. Kindli is always FREE to join and create an account, and to follow users and enjoy all of the content they create. If you want to post content or comment on other people’s posts, you need to make a ONE TIME, $1 donation to one of our partner charities. This is how we ensure that our users are real people, who are committed to a safe, positive, kind social platform and purpose. It’s also how we prevent fake accounts or users with malicious intent. Our goal is to generate one billion dollars to charities!

Daily Kindness

Daily Kindness is our channel of feel-good content that we show to every user of Kindli at the top of their feed. Because Kindli is a platform for a community of like-minded people centered around positivity - rather than a one-size-fits-all platform like others, we can unify our users with content we know everyone will enjoy and want to see.

Kindli Street Team

Kindli’s street team will tour the nation in the Kindli bus, with a surprise “mystery” influencer or celebrity in cities across the country, and perform pop-up, random kinds acts.

Kindli for Business

A business profile full of stories and visuals of positive, kind acts performed by a company and its employees carries enormous weight and influence unlike any other social media profile or review site.

Kindli APLIKACJA 1.3.4 Update

Bug fixes and enhancements

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