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Are you looking for an easy way to learn Mixed Martial Arts (MMA)?

Do you want to improve your existing level by practicing and studying Martial Arts at home?

Look no further.

This exercise tool is a professional demonstration of Real Fighting Moves for your daily Martial Arts training and to help you defend yourself.

What it does:

Fighting Trainer is a how-to app. It allows you to see exactly how to perform each of the 90+ Fighting Techniques.

Teach yourself Martial Arts - though we advise you to be mindful of your surroundings and careful with your body.

Learn how to perform some of the most powerful techniques in MMA correctly. Techniques used by UFC Professionals.
Study the movements to better understand them.

We recorded the moves with a professional Martial Artist using Motion-Capture technology. This results in perfect animations.

The app provides a vast amount of techniques that you can see in 3D.
Rotate around it, and re-position the angle to see in perfect detail how you should perform every technique.

Use the intuitive controls to slow time(slow motion), replay that one part that you find difficult. Play the animation at half speed to capture every detail of the Martial Arts moves.

The timer will help you practice the move for a set amount of time.

How it can help you:

It helps you understand how to move your body to perform the fighting techniques.
Unlike when watching videos, you can rotate and slow down the animations to not miss any details. To become a better fighter, you need to gain detailed understanding of the techniques.


• 90+ Mixed Martial Arts punches, kicks, combinations, blocks and takedowns
• 10+ World class moves and combinations, including Superman Punch and Tornado Kick
• High quality, realistic and professional fighter animations
• Watch the Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) moves from every angle
• Slow motion option to watch every move in detail
• Add moves to your favorites for easy access
• Use the timer to practice a move for a set amount of time
• All moves are available offline

All moves are motion-captured by a Professional Kick-Boxing & Mixed Martial Arts Trainer and Karate World Champion with the help of 4 other World Champions in several Martial Arts disciplines.


Help us test the app and get a sneak peak into future features by joining the beta programme. Here: http://l.getfightingtrainer.com/beta

Fighting Trainer Update

▸ Like it 👍, Love it ❤️? Leave a review and/or a rating to let us know! Or let us know at ✉️ fightingtrainer@critical-bit.com in case you have any suggestions or are in need of help! ◂

In this release we:
• Added 8 new moves 👊
• Added a Left handed mode 🤛
• Added a toggle to turn off sound-effects 🔈
• Made some small graphical tweaks 📐
• Reorganized some moves 🗃️

We plan to release another update again soon. Which will feature some more moves for you to enjoy.

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