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81.5.4292.78980 by Opera

Apr 15, 2024

Over Opera


A European browser with privacy features, AI and VPN for improved security

Opera Browser is fully-featured for privacy, security, and everything you do online. And now you can chat and create with Aria, Opera's browser AI.

Why Opera?

✓ Built-in Free VPN & Ad Blocker

✓ Integrated browser AI

✓ Data and battery saving

✓ File-sharing between devices

✓ Personal browser customization

NEW! Aira Scavenger Hunt

The Aria Scavenger Hunt is an interactive AI event that engages participants in a series of challenges and puzzles through Aria. Participants prompt Aria for clues, explore the web for answers, and complete tasks to earn prizes.

• Protect your privacy with Free VPN

Opera’s no-log virtual private network protects your online privacy anywhere you go. Best of all - it’s free.

• Secure your entire device with VPN Pro

VPN Pro protects your entire device with no matter which application you use. Secure up to 6 devices with one VPN Pro subscription.

• Block ads and browse faster

Opera's built-in Ad Blocker delivers smoother browsing without distractions. It also protects your privacy and speeds up your browsing.

• Customize your personal browser

Customize your Start Page, theme and wallpaper, and set any search engine as default. Don’t forget to dim the screen to protect eyes with Dark Mode!

• Meet Aria, Opera's browser AI

Chat and create with Aria. Opera’s free browser AI answers your questions and generates content with real-time access to the web.

• Flow file-sharing

Securely share files, links and notes between all your devices with the Flow feature in Opera Browser.

• Data-saving mode

Opera uses compression technology to bring you fast speeds and smooth page loading while saving your battery and data.

Question? Need help?

Visit us at https://help.opera.com/. We'd love to hear your thoughts on Opera's VPN, AI, or anything else.

Wat is er nieuw in de nieuwste versie 81.5.4292.78980

Last updated on Apr 15, 2024

Thanks for choosing Opera! This version comes with new ways to interact with Opera's Browser AI. Aria can now talk and provide you with a summary or more information on a selected text.

More changes/additions:
- Chromium 122
- Search recommendations in the news feed
- Suggested Aria conversation topics
- More convenient speed dial creation
- Latest Chromium security updates (2024-04-11)

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