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A network for exploring topics concerning people & planet, together.

Passionate about people and planet? Whether you’re exploring sustainability, investigating social equality, researching circular cities, interested in sustainable fashion or curious about reducing plastic waste, find inspiration and support on WONDR.

Discover thousands of people and possibilities from over 200 topics, from people reinventing the fashion industry, to sharing tips on travelling sustainably. How creative design and the arts can improve society and protect wildlife on the planet. Develop new world views, launch a movement, find new connections and explore your curiosity with WONDR.

Get the most out of WONDR:

1. Discover lifestyle inspiration & explore articles on trending and recommended topics in the app

2. Invite your friends, colleagues and communities to collaborate on your next research project, social get-together or business idea

3. Get out into the world and take action on the ideas you’ve explored!

Ways to use WONDR:

You never know when you’ll discover a life changing idea or when that aha’ moment will strike! Get inspired from anywhere on the internet. Capture your ideas, organise them by topic and share with the world – all from your phone!


- Find and connect with people, from across the world, who share your interests and aspirations

- Start conversations and shape new perspectives with the people you meet

- Share ideas, ask questions and post useful thoughts or resources with your community.


- Create “Projects” - your spaces to grow knowledge from helpful blogs, inspiring videos to perspective-changing-podcasts

- Invite friends, colleagues & new connections from WONDR to collaborate together

- Join or follow projects to team up with people who care about shared topics and discover new insights together

- Launch your projects across WONDR and other social networks to showcase your passions and inspire the world.


- Get notified on hundreds of topics, ideas and new people as the WONDR grows

- Use our browser extension to quickly capture knowledge, resources and insights as you explore the web.

- Add notes to the links you find and send them to your projects to fuel your curiosity.

You never know when an idea, an insight or a conversation could change your life forever.

Get stories and insights on the topics you care about most:

- Sustainable homes & lifestyle

- Social inclusivity & equality

- Nutrition, food & cooking

- Eco-tourism & slow travel

- Conservation & preservation

- Environmental science & biology

Join thousands of people collaborating together to accelerate your progress.

Download now and never lose your sense of wonder!

WONDR 1.4.275 Kemas kini

Exploring your interests is easier than ever before! Dive into a topic such as climate change, sustainability and social good. Then follow your curiosity to discover new connections, workshops and spaces.


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Versi Terbaru: 1.4.275Minta WONDR Kemas kini

Available on: Dapatkan WONDR melalui Google Play

Syarat-syarat: Android 5.0+

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